Fall Cleanup and Proper Leaf Management

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The weather in Calgary makes it hard to judge if we will get our first dump of snow before or after all the leaves have fallen. Often, leaves get covered by snow and forgotten about until next spring. These dead leaves, sticks and other debris can grow mold, bacteria and become infested with diseases and insects that can harm your lawn.

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It’s never too late to aerate!
There are a number of ways to manage your leaves. You can mulch the leaves with your lawn mower and disperse them on your lawn. This acts as a low grade fertilizer and can be beneficial in fighting against weeds. However, if you have too many leaves on the ground, it can cause clumping while trying to mulch. These clumps take time to decompose and can have an unpleasant aroma. You can instead choose to put your leaves in plastic or paper yard waste bags and take them to one of the free leaf disposal sites in the city. The city dumps also offer free leaf and yard waste disposal in the fall and spring season.

Fall cleanups are often neglected, however they are one of the most
beneficial ways to care and maintain your lawn.

Aeration can be beneficial to your yard and can be done in Fall before the ground freezes. By aerating, you open your lawn up for moisture from the winter snowfall. Another added benefit from aerating in the fall is you reduce the chance of spreading dandelion seeds.

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