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Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta Volunteers

In 1974, a typical 25- to 34-year-old had to work for five years to put a 20% payment on an average home in Canada. Now it’s 12 years, on average, and that’s if everything goes well. Sudden changes in employment or serious health issues can happen to any family without warning, making the path to homeownership impossible. That’s bad for parents and even worse for their children.

Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta offers a sustainable solution to this problem by building strength, stability and independence for families through affordable home ownership. Families partner with Habitat and spend 500 hours volunteering in the community and helping to build their future homes, while Habitat rallies the community to provide funding for land and building materials.

When the home is complete, the partner families purchase it with a no-down-payment, no-interest mortgage that never exceeds 25% of their income. Most importantly, the children gain a stable foundation to grow and succeed, where they won’t have to constantly move from school to school and from neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

Right now, Habitat has three developments in progress in southern Alberta. Twenty-four multi-family units are underway in Pineridge, two fully accessible homes are being built in Redstone and six more are nearing completion in Airdrie. These 32 homes will soon be purchased by family partners like Brendan, a single parent with three daughters. Brendan is a concrete worker who has been forced by circumstances to move his family in with his mother and he and his daughters can’t wait to have a home of their own.

Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta

A single home for a single family can cost $200,000 in land and materials and Habitat relies on the support of the community to make home ownership happen. Residents of the Hamptons, here are three ways you can help.
1. Ask your company to sponsor a build.
2. Gather a fundraising team and spend a day on the construction site as part of our Build Day program.
3. Donate online.

Every dollar helps build stability and strength in Calgary and across southern Alberta. Thank you!

Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta

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