Neighbour Day 2016

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What is Neighbour Day?

Held annually on the third Saturday of June, Neighbour Day is an opportunity for
neighbours to come together in the form of a front yard barbecue, garden party, picnic,
clean-up or afternoon tea in a local park to celebrate our strong community spirit in
Make Saturday, June 18, 2016 the day you get to know your neighbours! Share your experience with us using #yycNeighbourDay. To Sign up and plan your event visit the City of Calgary Website.

Neighbour Day Ideas

Here are a few ideas on how you and your neighbours can celebrate Neighbour Day
  • host a block party
  • have a neighbourhood picnic at a local park
  • host a neighbourhood potluck or front yard BBQ
  • host afternoon tea in your backyard
  • parade of lawn parties
  • hold a street chalk drawing competition
  • grab a Litter Cleanup Kit, get together and tidy up your park or natural area
  • help your neighbour with their spring cleaning or gardening
  • or make up your own way to celebrate community spirit in Calgary!
The idea is to meet neighbours, make new friends, have fun and maybe work together on a project that benefits the entire community.
Get together in your yards, in the common areas of your building, your local park, or take the party to the streets to celebrate Neighbour Day!