One thought on “May 2018 Newsletter

  1. Henry Kativu

    Good morning,
    I am a Hamptons resident. Someone attempted to access my garage side door on Tuesday Morning June, 5th, 2018. Thankfully, the door was locked. This was at about 5:24 AM in the morning. I was shocked by the fact that the attempt was during daylight hours. I caught them on my house camera and have the footage of the person (A Caucasian lady wearing glasses, grayish sweat pants with stripes on the sides, long dark hair tied in a pony tail, long beige blouse with a short dark jacket on top. She was carrying a black shopping bag with some white writing on it). I am wondering if there is a way to upload the footage to our community website so that we can make sure all our community residents are aware of this person. I am going to contact crime stoppers as well and offer the footage. My car was broken into about 2 years ago. These prowlers and robbers increase during the Summer months. Please be careful to lock all entrances to your house, especially the garage, back and side doors.
    Thank you,
    Henry BK.


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