Golf Course Redevelopment


The Hamptons Golf Club is planning for the reconfiguration of the golf course and the development of two associated pocket areas as residential housing additions to the Hamptons community. The Hamptons Golf Club has engaged QuantumPlace Developments Ltd. (QuantumPlace) to oversee the planning and development of this project. The Hamptons Golf Club will remain a private 18 hole golf course during and post reconfiguration.Capture.PNG



1) Both the existing and proposed course configurations and the proposed pocket development areas can be viewed here.

2) To keep updated on this development, please read and subscribe to the Hamptons Residents for Responsible Development website. This group is composed of members of our community that are opposed to the golf course redevelopment. They strive to keep informed on all information regarding this issue and work towards spreading this information to the entire neighborhood.

3) Hamptons Community Association’s Response to the City of Calgary

4) The City of Calgary also has a webpage where information is constantly updated. This can be viewed here.

5) Developer’s Website: