Free Crabapples!

One of your lovely neighbors has asked us to post this for you guys:

We have a crabapple tree in front of our house that anyone is welcome to come and pick the crabapples. We have been making crabapple jelly and the tree is still loaded with crabapples. Please bring a bucket and ladder and come anytime! 203 Hamptons Terrace NW! Thank you!

Shredding Event | RESCHEDULED

Our garbage and e cycle event was a success with 6 bins of e cycle material and 4 dumpsters of garbage collected.   However the shredding truck did not arrive, due to a glitch in the suppliers system, much to the disappointment of many (including us!).   However things have been cleared up and we are re scheduling the shredding portion of the event.

Shredding only RESCHEDULED for Saturday October 19 from 10am until noon. Please ensure that your documents are in paper bags or boxes.  As this is a community event,  identification will be required and only residents in good standing will be able to participate.