Hamptons Homeowners Association

We are so excited to announce our Family Day Skate

We are excited to add horse and carriage rides to this event, provided by Hammer Hill Stables. Bring your skates and come enjoy some Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate on us!

The Hamptons Community Parking Lot has been used to provide parents with more ease during school drop off.

We understand that everyone has busy lives but the safety of the children is the most important. Stunting, road rage, or any unsafe driving will not be tolerated and lot privileges will be removed.

There have been issues with drivers not using the angled parking system properly. Angled parking is used to keep the flow of traffic moving and when used correctly by everyone, will speed up Drop off. The isles of the lot are one way to help the flow, this means that you cannot pull through. If you aren’t familiar with angled parking check out https://www.alberta.ca/parking.aspx

We appreciate your continued cooperation.

Parking a Recreational Vehicle on Residential Property Bylaw

“Under the current Bylaw, if an RV is parked on the front of the property, it must be on a hard-surfaced driveway or parking stall and cannot be parked for more than 36 consecutive hours. This limited-term front area parking allows for reasonable use like cleaning, loading, unloading, etc., and is intended to help mitigate issues of visibility, safety and aesthetics of RV parking in residential areas. The Bylaw does not limit the time for side or rear parking in residential areas.”

To read more and participate in the city of Calgary engagement project until Feb 13 visit https://engage.calgary.ca/rvparking

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