Why do we have so many Dandelions

The City of Calgary is the only body allowed to spray for dandelion and this service must be requested.  This City does not allow the HHOA to contract the service elsewhere.  If we were to request and spray dandelions within all our boundaries it would cost $50K per spray.  This is not something that we can afford to do.  Additionally, the City has indicated that at some point in the future spraying for weeds will likely not be allowed.  For us to prepare for this event, we are working on thickening up our turf, by thatching in the spring and applying fertilizer in the fall, in hopes of reducing dandelions. Sadly, dandelions grow drastically faster than grass, even with a weekly mow, the dandelions will still be substantially higher than the grass. Dandelions grow from May – October but peak season ends in June.

The flowers were planted May 31, they will need time to grow and establish themselves so we can enjoy them all season!

Able Landscaping is in our community working hard to get our flowers in and care for them. They will need to park on the road at times to service/water our planters. Please be mindful of them and give them space to work so they can make and keep our community beautiful.

Traffic Safety in Our Community

The Board recently had the chance to meet with Constable Randy MacDonald regarding Traffic safety in our community. We learned the Calgary Police Service have a program for feedback on the traffic issues in communities like ours. We would like to introduce and encourage the use of the Traffic Service Request system. As residents we see the patterns within our community that a visiting officer might not be aware of, so please try to be as specific as possible and include the area as well as the time the issues usually occur. This will help the Police investigate the area and come up with a solution to make our community safer for everyone. We appreciate your participation.

The Hamptons Community Parking Lot has been used to provide parents with more ease during school drop off.

We understand that everyone has busy lives but the safety of the children is the most important. Stunting, road rage, or any unsafe driving will not be tolerated and lot privileges will be removed.

There have been issues with drivers not using the angled parking system properly. Angled parking is used to keep the flow of traffic moving and when used correctly by everyone, will speed up Drop off. The isles of the lot are one way to help the flow, this means that you cannot pull through. If you aren’t familiar with angled parking check out https://www.alberta.ca/parking.aspx

We appreciate your continued cooperation.

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