How did I become of member of the HAMPTONS HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION? 

Every homeowner *automatically becomes a member when they purchase a house in Hamptons. Membership entitles you to have a say in the operation of your association through your vote at the Annual General Meeting.  You are also welcome to contact the Board of Directors  and find out how you can become involved. 

*new properties on Hamptons Court, Hampstead Mews and 304, 306, 308, 310 Hamptons Drive are not included in the HAMPTONS HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION 

How do I pay my fees? 

Click here for Payment Info

What happens if I do not pay my HHOA fees? 

All homes* are encumbered to pay the fees. If fees are not paid, interest is charged monthly at a rate of 1.5%/month as per the encumbrance.  Once fees are delinquent, the homeowner’s account is transferred to a lawyer’s office.  At this point the homeowner is responsible for fees, interest, and lawyer’s fees as per HHOA bylaws. 

*new properties on Hamptons Court, Hampstead Mews and 304, 306, 308, 310 Hamptons Drive are not included in the HAMPTONS HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION 

What do my annual fees do? 

Annual fees cover the cost of: 

What is the HHOA’s mandate? 

a. To promote the recreational and environmental welfare within Hamptons Community and to maximize the quality of life of the members and their families. 

b. To maintain and repair entry features of the common areas and facilities

c. To maintain the environmental and recreational welfare of the HAMPTONS. 

d. To construct, maintain, repair, and supervise the community facilities. 

e. Manage the extensive and wide variety of landscaping needs the Hamptons require. 

What power/authority does the HHOA have? 

Why doesn’t the HHOA enforce architectural controls? 

Most, but not all, of the houses in The Hamptons are subject to architectural controls which were registered by the developer of the community (Tirion) to maintain continuity of the houses in the community.  (The exceptions are the homes on Hampstead Mews and Hamptons Court.) Home owners are only subject to architectural controls if architectural controls are registered against title to their land.  That is usually done by way of a Restrictive Covenant.  If there is no Restrictive Covenant registered against the house specifying the architectural controls, then the owner is not restricted. 

Even in cases where there is a Restrictive Covenant registered, the law provides that only other owners who are subject to the same architectural controls may enforce it.  This means that in most instances only neighbours who are part of the same section of the community can take legal action to enforce the architectural controls.  The HHOA is not a party to the Restrictive Covenants and architectural controls and, as such, has no right in law to enforce them. 

Why aren’t the new homes on Hamptons Court and Hampstead Mews not covered by the same Restrictive Covenants or a part of the HAMPTONS HOME OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION? 

The golf course lands never had the original restrictive covenants/architectural controls placed upon them and as such neither do the new homes being developed on the golf course lands.  These new homes are not a part of the HAMPTONS HOME OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION. 

The community used to look so good and now it doesn’t, why not? 

The community is maturing and there are several things that affect the appearance of the neighborhood.  The HHOA is working hard to keep the parks, flowers and amenities within the community kept up and maintained and/or painted within our budget.   In the past the City of Calgary looked after this and the HHOA only had to deal with them and pay them.  In 2018, the City of Calgary advised they would no longer help to manage landscaping within the community.  This was a major change.  It became the sole responsibility of the HHOA to source contractors (that the City approved) and organize the work.  This is an ongoing time-consuming project, and the HHOA Board has struggled to get volunteers to step up and help manage these projects. 

Why do we have so many dandelions? 

The City of Calgary is the only body allowed to spray for dandelion and this service must be requested.  This City does not allow the HHOA to contract the service elsewhere.  If we were to request and spray dandelions within all our boundaries it would cost $50K per spray.  This is not something that we can afford to do.  Additionally, the City has indicated that at some point in the future spraying for weeds will likely not be allowed.  For us to prepare for this event, we are working on thickening up our turf, by thatching in the spring and applying fertilizer in the fall, in hopes of reducing dandelions. Sadly, dandelions grow drastically faster than grass, even with a weekly mow, the dandelions will still be substantially higher than the grass. Dandelions grow from May – October but peak season ends in June.

What can I do if I do not like the flower arrangements? Or the Winter arrangements 

While many people are happy with these arrangements, HHOA understands that everyone is not.  If you are not happy with the arrangements, please consider volunteering your time and participate in the selection of these arrangements.  Meetings are held in August for the Christmas selections and in October for the summer arrangements.  Please contact 

We are Just Beginning the Process of planting, the flowers were planted May 31, they will need time to grow and establish themselves so we can enjoy them all season!

Why aren’t our trees trimmed? 

ALL trees in the Hamptons that are not on personal property, are the property of the City of Calgary Urban Forestry.  The HHOA is NOT ALLOWED to touch any of these trees, even if they are dead.  A few years ago, the Hamptons planted fir trees around the rink and the City advised us that if we ever did that again, they would remove the trees and charge us for the cost of removal.    HHOA hands are tied.    If you are aware of a dead tree or a tree that needs trimming on any City land, please call 311 and ask for Urban Forestry.   

Why can’t we make homeowners keep up the appearance of their property? 

The HHOA does not have any legal authority to make homeowners do anything to their property. 

What is the purpose of having an HCA? Why can’t we just have an HHOA? 

The Hamptons Community Association is a required nonprofit entity, designed to liaise and act on behalf of the community with all levels of government. It is the only entity that can apply for grants and or funding on the Hamptons Community’s behalf.  In the Hamptons we have the unique and efficient situation where the Board of Directors are directors for both the HHOA and the HCA, which makes decision making within the community simplified.  

Why can’t we limit the use of the community tennis Courts and Community rink to Hamptons residents only? 

While the Hamptons Community Association is responsible for running and maintaining the Community Tennis courts, Rink and parking lot – they are the property of the City of Calgary, and as such the Hamptons cannot limit access to these locations to Hamptons residents only. 

What is the difference between the Community Tennis Courts and the City of Calgary Tennis Courts in the Hamptons? 

The Community Tennis Courts in the Hamptons are located at 10370 Hamptons Blvd, and the Community Association is responsible for running and maintaining those courts.  The City of Calgary tennis courts located on Hamptons Blvd (Hamptons Park sign above) are the responsibility of the City, for upkeep and reservations.  The Community has no say in what happens at those courts.  Confusing? Yes, it is, however this is how it was originally developed between the City and the developer. 

When should I call/email the Hamptons office and when should I contact the City at 311? 

The Hamptons looks after the all the landscaping within the community EXCEPT for trees.  Anything concerning grass, flowers, flower beds, flower pots, or shrubs, can be dealt with by the Hamptons.  ANY TREE ISSUES must go through Urban Forestry at 311. 

Snow removal on pathways is the responsibility of the Hamptons, contact us with issues or concerns.   

Snow removal on ANY street is done by the City of Calgary and the Hamptons has no ability to do anything about snow removal – contact 311. 

Any damage or issues with roads, curbs and sidewalks are all the responsibility of the City of Calgary and we cannot repair any of these – contact 311. 

Why do residents have to call 311? Doesn’t the HHOA/HCA have more “power” when making the call? 

The Hamptons does not have any “extra” power or say when it comes to making things happen at 311. A complaint or request can be submitted by calling 311 or by using the 311 app.  When a request is submitted using the 311 app, a GPS location is included along with the other information you include. The City assures us that this is the quickest, most efficient method of filing a complaint regarding any 311 issues. As a matter of fact, if you put through a complaint on the 311 app and you do not get a response, you are encouraged to contact the Ward 2 counsellor’s office. 

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