Skating Rink Update

The Hamptons Community Association has worked for the last 18 months to plan for and execute a renovation of the Hamptons community rink.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the construction has been delayed and we are not certain if it will be completed before spring. However, we are continuing to work with the contractor to complete the project in a timely fashion

We share in your disappointment that there is no ice in the hockey rink at this time but we are working to upgrade the facilities and this is just one step in the process. As developments occur, we will update the community webpage with additional information.

In the meantime, we have public skating on the small rink and on the ice track behind the tennis court. The rink and ice track will be fully serviced by the Olympia ice machine. For those wishing to play hockey, there are hockey rinks in surrounding neighborhoods that can be used as well.

Thank you for your continued understanding as we continue to work at renewing the facilities in the Hamptons.

2 responses to “Skating Rink Update”

  1. The ice track damaged the grass underneath and left the area with brown patch of dead grass last summer. Because of the surface contrast between the brown patch and the green grass on the rest of the field, it created safety hazard for the soccer players.

    Thank you,

    Wei Ding


    1. We appreciate your feedback, we are aware of the damage to the grass. The Ice track is still new to us and we have learned a lot from last year and are doing things differently this time around. We are optimistic that we will have a much better result this year. Thank you for your understanding.


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